Toca Life: Stable App Reviews

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Toca Life: Stable by Toca Boca AB Review

Horse lovers will love to release their creativity in this app. Even if you aren’t a horse lover, this app might allow your creativity levels to soar with all the locations and fun to be had.


Wow!! I just recently got this game and I am pretty much satisfied! Though some things about the game are simply driving me crazy. I can’t figure out what’s with the colors teal, yellow, and coral-pink-ish-red. All over the place all I see are those three colors. Especially in the park. I also found two crystals that are those colors and I’m searching all over for a third, and on all the hidden characters in the park, there are those colors somewhere on their bodies/clothing! Even the park ranger has those colors on her hat and the sign at the entrance to the park has those colors too. So do the animals wearing jewelry. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure out what it’s for! I did find the strange sloth/horse thing in the shop and I literally was about to drop my device and run away, gosh it scared me! I know, I know... call me a scaredy cat but I seriously thought that expression on its face... just... it is so creepy to me! It’s making me wonder why there are so many sloth things in Toca Boca. Not in an offensive way but it’s just making me wonder. Overall, I LOVE the horses and how realistic all the horse-related things are, such as the crops and ribbons and trophies, I’m truly impressed! I’ve never really seen such a detailed horse game! I ride horses myself so I admit I’m a little picky about my horse apps. But this one? I’m satisfied!

Update and toca life summer camp

I love this toca game but it could use more food and a bed or two in the stable so your character can sleep inside. I really like the idea of the campsite in the forest. I think there should be more room for the horses and pony’s because a lot of them share a pen. The campsite gave me and idea about if there was a toca life summer camp. In toca life summer camp there could be a few cabins, a lake with a row boat. A place to eat, and a bunch of activity’s in a field like painting a volleyball net and roasting marshmallows. It would mean the world to me if you used my idea. Thank you for reading and goodbye🤗👋.


I believe this game is amazing with the secret cave behind the waterfall and the weird sloth horse in the store behind the boxes, it is amazing

Good game needs to be updated

I love all of your life games but Toca stables is my least favorite but I think it could be awesome. I think this game needs more characters their aren’t enough people for all of the story lines(if you add more people please make them cute). Another thing you should do is make a place for people to live like a house, apartment or make the cabin bigger so people can live in it. Finally this is off the topic of Toca stable but a lot of people have had the idea of being able to take one character from one app to another by a train or something like that and I think that’s a great idea. I love your apps keep being awesome. I really hope you consider my ideas.

Y’all make the best apps

I love y’all toca Boca apps they’re the best!

Love it

This is probably my favorite app so far it’s so fun to have horse shows

I love Toca boca I’m 12

Ok so I am in love with toca boca life and I love this one (its not my favorite though). And I think it would be better if there were a house or a cabin or something. But overall I love this game it’s cool.... .........Give cabin to us please!!


I love this game and it is so much fun but I just thought of the best idea! The trees of the huge mountain dance but you can’t even go on the mountain ⛰ So I was thinking that you make the mountain a place where people go to climb up there like on an adventure mountain climbing with there pet horse als there could be wires and you can hook the people on like gear for mountain climbing also there is a place for the horse to sit on it connected to a wire so the bourse can come and it takes him up the mountain! And at the top there could be a gift shop to buy a cute outfit or accessory. You could make a vest or an area to put on some kind of safety thing to go up the wire! Thanks, 😀😃😄

Please please PLEASE consider this please,btw I love all your toca games

I love all your toca games there all so fun and exciting......but I would like if it would let people on wheelchairs go on to the side walk.Oh and here is an idea make a toca life mall that would be AMAZING thx for listening baiiiiiii.P.S. I am going to get the new toca life after school soon bye bye peace out toca people.

It was okay

I think that I am just ready for the newest Toca boca game that all. Other than that it is a fun game

I ❤️T TOCA BOCA!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Toca boca is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I love it so much I wish their were more toca life apps. I was thinking you could add Toca Life: Holidays and it would be a bundle with every single holiday in the world! I hope you add it! 🤗

Get this straight

Ok ok. I’ve been playing this game for years and I love it! Toca is one of my favorite developers. Now. I own horses and donkeys. So.... there’s something you got wrong in this game. As a learning game, I expect more about teaching. The saddle is on backwards. That’s all. Have a great day, toca. 😅❤️

Love Toca boca but

Please make a cabin and please make a Toca life zoo thanks

LOVE IT but can u add this kind of games

Hello Toca boca creators I was wondering if you could add Toca zoo and Toca kingdom cuz I luv ur games and I have all the Toca boca life’s and you should add more Toca life that’s all I needed to ask thx and plz do read this

I know you probably won’t have time to add this but...

Can you possibly add one more specific horse to this? It’s a tan horse with black legs and snout its mane and tail are black too. I understand if this is too much to ask for I just think if you could everybody would love it you can find a reference if you search up tan and black mustang. Other than that this app is truest amazing and I love your work. I get frustrated when people say your apps are horrible and not worth the money and I feel like they just don’t understand how much work goes into the Toca boca apps wether if it’s lab like kitchen on creativity apps. Great Job Toca Team!

Love. These. Games!!!

These Toca games are amazing there is a surprise in each game not there is one problem that I’ve noticed. When you put on the yellow swimsuit pants the legs disappear? That is the only problem anyway this is a great game!


Omg your games are the best! I’ve beeen playing them sense I was little. I’ve spent more then half of my money on it to! You guys are so detailed and accurate with the coding that goes into your games. It’s awesome! Can you make more?


Uh. I put on some swimming trunks on my guy and his legs... GONE! He had no legs!! But other than that THIS GAME IS DA BEST! :b

(Need to read)

You need to read this!! I have an idea for an app for toca, it’s called Toca Life, you get to design your own characters, there’s already a city set but you get to design the interior! They can make clothes for their toca character! I’m sure many other people would like to design their own characters too! Thanks for reading this Toca Boca creators! I hope you consider my app!

It’s awesome but put more stuff in!

I love the game and all but it would be cool if you put in a black horse with wings,Also you should add a hidden flying arena for the horses or unicorns with wings.Thank you Toca Boca.

I love it but...

I love this game and play it all the time but some things about it just don’t make sense for example the stables are not big enough. Also the amount of reins and saddles in the barn in to be increased


Hey I love this game! Best game ever!! It’s so awesome!

An app suggestion

The new app that I am suggesting is an app just like this but instead of horses dragons.🐎🐉😀😃

Toca Life is Awesome!!!

I make videos of Toca Life on my channel and it is so fun! I love how the game is so simple and appropriate! I usually use the apps for vids but I will also play on them just for fun! I love how there are little hidden secrets all around the game! There are few apps better than The Toca Life Apps. Toca Life CITY and STABLE are the best in my opinion 😋

Love this Game!🐴

I personally love this game! Since I love horses and have one of my own in real life it’s a really fun game. Even though this is my favorite Toca Life game I do have one suggestion that you could add into the game. Since I have started playing the game I’ve noticed that there is no supermarket. I know that sounds weird since they do have a little shop but I think it would be fun to have a supermarket where you could have food but also have hay or grain in addition to the tack,clothes,and camping supplies in the original shop. This is just an idea but I think it would be fun to add into the game at some point. Thanks!😊

Needs update

This game is okay, I guess. I mean it’s just riding horses. It really needs an update tho

This app is creepy and fun 😊

I was playing Toca Boca one day and then, I put a man into one of the swimming suits, AND HIS LEGS WERE NOT THERE.... now I am writing this review because his legs still are not there and it is the next day I don't get why his legs are not there. Besides that it is a very fun game. I would of rated it five stars ✨ but the bug is really creepy so I rated this game four stars but that can change if you please fix this bug


one day I was just getting another app and put this one in in the Apple Store it deleted it self and I didn't get my $ 3.00 back so like it back and the hospital I want my money back to $ 3.00 please and thank you for your time and reading this message 💵😘😊😡

Potato 907

Great game I love it but you should put a horse character pick up thing like the people do. So you could choose a horse without going to the stable or park. Overall I love the game. Thanks Toca

🌸toca boca🌸

Dear toca boca I really love your games so much I play them all the time and I can’t wait until u make another game keep it up🌸

Toca Stable

So i really do like this game however i really wish that the toca people had a place to live besides just sleeping in sleeping bags or at the stable. It would be cool if there was a home for them:)

Awesome game

I think this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played I love all of your other apps and the Toca life ones are my favorite what I really dreamed of for the toca life games is that you could put all of the toca life games all into one game that would be the best game ever! Anyway I love all your games keep making as much as you can🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌞🌞🌞🌸🌼🌻🌺

Plz add

Please add donkeys please 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🦄🦄🦄

Love This Game and Ideas.

I love EVERYTHING Toca and Toca Life, So its fun no matter what for me. But i have a idea. You could make a Toca Town 2! With new people and a screen that you swipe to get to different places in the town. Like a Restaurant, Adoption center, and a lot of stuff that other kids like. Signing Off, For this review, ILoveToca@pps.

Amazing game but....

I love the game!!! It’s just amazing but there needs to be a house it really bugs me that only 3 can sleep and also there needs to be more stalls and maybe more saddles and maybe more horses overall that it’s a great game but as I said it needs a bit more things and it’s bugs me that when you update the game all my progress (I was making a story) just disappeared so if you fix that it would make this game more enjoyable

Amazing game and suggestions for others

I am 11 and I still love toca life I have all the games and there all so much fun. Personally I think you should make the following games: 1. Toca waterpark 2. Toca Disney 3. Toca mermaid 4. Toca space 5. Toca Fairyland I hope you put this into consideration and make at least one of the games (Whatever sounds the most interesting). And again I love all your games and think there the best life games ever. I feel like they really teach kids about what they don’t know in life. And everything that’s coming ahead. Thank you!!!!!! Love Hazel

More Toca Boca?

I love toca boca, but there is something missing. A Toca Amusement Park! I would really like one soon because it would be AWESOME! Thank you, Panpan

I 💖 it but...

I love all the toca life games but i was wondering about the backpacks… For all the toca life games can we put clothes in them and actually put them on their backs? If yes, thank you! You guys are 😎


OMG this game is the best I play so much it’s awesome and it’s the best in the WOrLD oh and one more thing can you add a blanket for the horses and stay warm plz! 😄

More foals and stuff😏

Either the little ones are foals or ponies, but I always use them as foals. Please add foals! I also have an idea! 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 Make a toca ZOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Pwease? 🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐸🐵🐔🐧🐦🐤🐣🐥🦆🦅🦉🦇🐺🐗🐴🦄🐝🐛🦋🐌🐞🐜🦗🕷🦂🐢🐍🦎🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🦈🐊🐅🐆🦓🦍🐘🦏🐪🐫🦒🐃🐂🐄🐎🐖🐏🐑🐐🦌🐓🦃🕊🐇🐁🐀🐿🦔 Also add horse blankets And maybe a place to design blankets and tacks!!! Also ad a vet with cast and maybe even a horse with a prostatic leg, it could a palimino Make an aquarium one or ocean or jungle on Any thing with animal I miss and love avicii Sorry 😐 it’s looooong Bye


So, I have been playing Toca games ever since I was 6, and now I am 9. I love all the detail that goes into all of the games! I am amazed how many have been made. Keep up the good work!

Awsome game 🐴

Hi this game is awesome it shows how to take care of a horse and is a great experience for young kids to take horseback riding lessons or maybe even get a horse . Next u should make a Toca life zoo were the little people can go visit the zoo with animals like zebras, giraffes,rhinos elephants , horses and more thanks

Plz read!

I think you should make Toca life hospital free because I ask my mom for it but she said no. I love your games and Noah bye hope u think about it.

Great! But could be better.....

Hi Toca Boca! I love all of your games. But this one needs work. It was my first toca game, and I wanna see it get better. I love all the areas you can go in, and all the horses and people, but I want more!!!! Here’s a list of what it needs. •More people •More horses (maybe a secret unicorn) •More stables •More areas (vet, barn, storage room, etc.) •More accessories!!! •More secrets! If you add these, and I know it’s a lot, I will be very happy and give this game five stars! Love, GuineaPigGirl

Love it but.....

I love the toca life games, I have all of them.I especially like the toca stable. But what frustrates me is that when you open the secret waterfall if you move the unicorn or anything that appears with the waterfall it won’t disappear again.

Really Good

Wow I really like this game. Great job, but here are some suggestions. I think that you should add a house. Just a small on with bunk beds a bathroom a tv and a mini fridge. And here are some suggestions for future games. Toca life Olympics, were there are 5 sports (ex soccer/football, Wrestling, Swimming, Volleyball, Biking) and yeah, Toca life Apartment, were it is just a apartment complex. Toca life mythical, were it could have 4 places: Fairys and elves, Mermaids and Merman, Half Human Half horse people, and monsters. And last Toca life Amusementpark. That would be tons of fun. Keep up the good work - Jackie

Awesome game, but....

So, there is a room in the horse stable, right? And that has my favorite character in it, by the way, so I want her to live there because it is the only actual room that is civilized. But, the problem is: there is no bed in the room! The only way for them to sleep in the room is getting a mat where they sleep on the floor. So I was wondering, do you think you could add a bed underneath the couch? I am a 12 year old and I still love Toca Boca, and it is still for everyone. Also, look at My PlayHome for tips on how to connect apps together.

Great game

I really like this game a lot but I think that there could be a few changes I would really like the game to have a good house outside the stable other then that the game is awesome

Love it! 😍

I am a horse rider and I love being with horses and since I moved to the city I have missed being with them. But now I can be with them. (Kind if) 🐴🐴🐴

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