Toca Life: Stable App Reviews

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Add a new house

I love all the toca boca life games but the stables need couple more places to go. Maybe add like a grooming station and an actual 2 floor house thing like in toca vacation. Also it would be cool if there was more stable area for the horses because you can really only have 6 at a time. Finally the next boca life you make it should be like a scuba diver one under the sea with diving gear. I love your games💜👍👍

Great but has some flaws

This was a really great game but I feel like it would be better if you could actually be the characters instead of having to drag them around. I think that it would be good if it didn't take so long to load things. I don't like that you have to drag around everything and that it takes awhile to load . I played this game for awhile but I got bored of it eventually. But I do like that you can put the animals in the forest a certain way on the lily pads and you get the Pegasus that's really cool. I think that you should add a little more to each of the places. I also think that you should be able to compete and not just drag the horse around. It also needs some updates and I think there should be more in the store. This is a really great game though.

This is really fun!!

I love this game but I think it could use more, maybe perhaps a town with more ships and a train and some homes but I really like this game

Good, but could use a few tweaks👍🙌

I like Toca Boca especially the Life’s. This game is really fun, but it could be better, like if you add a house. I live in the club room of the stables, but it’s small, and has like no room for my family of 4 lol. I think you should add an apartment on top of the store. Add stairs you set them on the stairs and they go up to the apartment. It could be small but usable. Bunk beds, kitchen, small bathroom, 2 chairs. And do western themed maybe. Please add this because like a house is practically a must have in any Toca Boca Game!👍

When in doubt just relax and play Toca

I absolutely LOVE all the Toca Life Games! They are so cute and fun to play when I have no internet connection, or when I’m bored. I definitely recommend this game to people of all ages!

Wow 😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😁😀😁👩‍🔧🙂😁😎😍

I love Toca life games , Epsially this one. Pleeeese add some more 🐴. Also can you make a toca life vet or a toca life birthday please do at least one


I love this game and it is so much fun but I just thought of the best idea! The trees of the huge mountain dance but you can’t even go on the mountain ⛰ So I was thinking that you make the mountain a place where people go to climb up there could be wires and you can hook the people on also there is a place for the horse to sit on it and it takes him up the mountain! And at the top there could be a gift shop to buy a cute outfit or accessory. You could make a vest or an area to put on some kind of safety thing to go up the wire! Thanks, 😀😃😄


This game is awesome. I just need like a cute cabin and more stables. That would be nice. And the porter potties are really funny. I love the waterfall and the canping so much I have an idea for a new game. Toca life camping! There can be cabins and bags and A mountain for them to go hiking and sleeping bags and pillows and a little camp site for them to go camping the at the end of the park a little gift shop also there can be animals like deer and bears and maybe you can make the mountain like half dome in Yosemite or something. That would be a great game in my opinion. Anyways Toca life stable is a good game and you should buy it. I also think that a game called Toca life amusement park would be great. There can be roller coasters and Ferris wheel and bumper cars and swings and lots of cool things that go in an amusement park. Keep making Toca life games Toca nova!

My Nephew loves it

I love this app my nephew is in love with the apps I like how they teach them and there fun to play he loves this line of apps I hope to see more in the future Ideas:daycare,mall,house,princess castle Thanks for making these you made me the cool aunt

Glitches glitches glitches 😡

This has never happened to me before it just happened today when I was having a race between three of the other horses one of the people watching and cheering just got onto the Field without me even moving her then the screen froze last the horse wouldn't move please please fix this other than that I really like your games


This app is pretty cute. I think you should add a house to it, though. I have a suggestion to make. Maybe you could make one big toca WORLD!!! like, you could include all the people, and transport them in cars and stuff. The problem is, you are always making new apps. Also, I have a few more suggestions though. I think you should add some apps for boys or girls only For example, for boys, you could do a toca fire 🔥 station,a toca construction 🔨 site, etc for girls, you could do a toca mall, a toca party🎈,and a toca band

Awesome game

Good game but there should be an app that’s free and you get to combine all apps in one FOR FREE 🤑🤑🤑 so many people would want the app then in 2018 you should make all apps free🤑🤑🤑then when 2018 is over every one will want it and you will get a lot of money Toca boca 🤑🤑🤑😂🤣😁

Great Game and I have ideas...

First off, Can you make a Toca Life Zoo? With all the coolest animals.And can you make a Fantasy Game too? Like Dragons, Princess and Princes and Unicorns? Thanks

Nice game

I like the magical aspects of this game but heres a suggestion. Use these aspects and put them into a new game. Toca life kingdom. You take the magical asoects of Toca Stables and create a fairy tail themed game, with a castle, evil potion place, a dragon cave, fairy forest, or other things you can include. Please show this review to anyone who can do something about it.


First I wanna start with, I love his app so much. But.... one think that would make this app even better is, hair, I would love it if we were able to customize the characters hair like in Toca city!!!! Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️

Great game but add more horses or ponies or saddles

We need a fox horse a elf horse a bunny horse

Love it


New locations

The mountains should be a location and so should the forest

Love the app but found a glitch

I think the app is so fun because you can do so much on it. I found that in the fridge at the stable, if you accidentally put something behind it that object is now stuck behind it. If the object is too small you can not get it back out, you can only get it back if the object is so big you can still see it.


You need to add a cabin with an upstairs and the downstairs rooms the stables needs to be a little bit bigger and I dated we can open the gate you need to add something in the forest inside the waterfall so you can turn that into like a little campsite then the wild horses there isn't really enough so maybe you could add more and I like the shop but it could use an update and they are car with the horses go and it's actually good update but it could use like those dividers to make it more realistic back to the cabin up in the woods or something there could be two on the mountain. One for like the kids and babies and one for the adults. You also need to add a food shop because you were out of food so quickly and there's always a few truck nearby oh and make it really funny if you had a porta potty in the woods anyways that's just what I have in mind

Toca life Hollywood

All of the Toca life apps are amazing I love your apps and I was wondering if you guys could make a Toca life Hollywood. Keep up to good work❤️😊

Super awesome

I think you should make more areas because it’s a little boring you should add more animals and horses lots and lots of horses and ponies.and the add more people. Keep up the good I love you guys


Toca life is a good game series. Not only are the games addicting but educational. I have all the toca life’s in my iPad and Toca life is fun. There’s five stars for you Toca company, good work!



Love it

I love this app don't get me wrong I just wish these apps took up less storage

Love it! 😍

I am a horse rider and I love being with horses and since I moved to the city I have missed being with them. But now I can be with them. (Kind if) 🐴🐴🐴

This. Is. The most MAGICAL THING EVER!!!!!!!!!

I love how there is music when u press the big magic crystal to make it really sound magical!!!!!! U guys have the as much imagination as I do!!!!! (And that’s saying A LOT!) I write a review for every toca boca game I have! And I mean ALL OF THEM! I feel normal playing these games! I only know one person that knows about toca boca.... the rest are missing out! U guys r the best! Even you What’s going on videos are really funny! Pony cat?! That is good! Thank you guys for making children’s dreams come true!

I love your games

Please please please please please please please make more toca life games please please please please please please please

Dear Toca Boca

I simply love it so much,I have one recommendation though, update the game and have a vet, also I recommend that you make an upgrade where you can close the food trucks. I also recommend you make a Toca Apartment where you have a apartment complex, grocery store, and park.The apartment(s) should have a bed, fridge couch and tv. The park should have a play set, dog area, food truck(s), and benches. Grocery store should have 2-3 check out lines, food isles, and whatever else you want to add. Please take this Toca Boca Crew -CaroDSwan

All right.....

It was fun at first but then got a little boring.... there should be more locations to do stuff like a horse fashion show (where you can put hats on the horse and character and be in the spotlight!!) All in all it was cute 💎💎

Awesome job

Please make more toca lifes. I love every single one and I'm nine. So please make more, I support you guys. I believe that toca is awesome and I have every single toca life. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please make more

Best game ever

I adore all the toca boca games but I think this is my favorite out of all of them because you can find the unicorn, the sloth horse, and the zebra in the game. Also you can dress them up or groom them at the stable go to the tournament in the park.This game is the best I ever had in my life get it Bye

Cool but needs more stuff

I love this game I ride horses and am very passionate about them but I have to keep restarting the game due to running out of things to do.😢 I was hoping you could put more hidden secrets and outfits. I was also hoping you could add more Pegasi and unicorns.


I am SOOOOO happy keep up with all your good work because this is the best horse game I have ever found and all your other games are awesome as well. Though it would be nice if you could add a fantasy themed game. I got this idea from the alicorn. When I mean fantasy i mean Dragons, Kings & Queens, Fairy’s & magic, dark knights & shining armor knight. Then again this is only a suggestion. Thank you for making a game worth buying. (No one judge me this is my first review) From a Big toca stable fan

Please add

I absolutely love your app it’s great but you could add the mountains that you see in the app!!!!🤩🤩🤩

new toca vocal

a toca boca skate park with a skate park for teens, a skate park for kids, a gear shop for all ages,a competition, and a restaurant for them to hang out.


Hi I first of all love your games and how much effort you put in them. I have some game Suggestion so please give it a chance. The game suggestion is Toca Life: Royal. There can be princesses and hidden frogs that can be kissed and turned into a prince. Also there can be secret carriages for them to ride around with horses pulling it like toca stable. Also big full dresses and something to change your hair with different styles. There can be multiple houses like a village and a castle with a royal baby room or something. There can even be tiaras and fairy’s. That is my game suggestion I hope u like it

Great but that's not what I'm here for

I think this app is great but what I really want to tell you is to MAKE A TOCA BOCA APP THATS A TRAIN then someone in toca farm could go to toca city to get there hair done and ride the train to school or someone in toca city could wake up in their apartment and go to the train to school amazing and would be super fun !!!!!! Right? I hope you're working on this !!!!

Amazing,but suggestions

Amazing game for kids and I have no bad reviews, but I was wondering if we could have a Vet office. And maybe some more space for supplies. Thanks!


Hi I love this game it is so awesome! But could u plz make the stable really bigger? Also plz add a house it could be a mansion! Also can we plz be able to go to the mountain and could u make a horse riding academy? Also can the horses actually look like they're moving when u move them? Thanks!!! Please please respond! P.S. u could add a bunch of horse statues in the mansion (aka the house) if u make one


Ok. I have no words to describe how much I love this game!!!!! You NEED TO GET THIS GAME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rate this game 5 stars but I really wish there was a storage place because I LOVE to make the storage into a nice cozy getaway place!!! Ok now my suggestion: Toca life: amusement park!!🎡 So in this game you should have one little home like thing and you should have an amusement park. In the park you should have like a Cotten candy stand and a hotdog stand and rides that you can go on!!!! One of the rides I would like is something like the log ride at Santa Cruz which is a ride that has water and you ride in a log and it has a drop... Also toca life Pets is AMAZING # super cool!!!! Thanks for hearing me out!!! Bye🐒🌺🌈🌈🌈👌😋😍

Good Game

I love Toca life and I wish the Toca life games are free so I can get them. What do sometimes is I will take my friends iPads so I can play your Toca life games! So can you please make them free? I will be so happy if you do! Thank you.

There great but there is one thing

I love all your games but I wish I got to play all of them but you have been making people pay for the games so I cant get most of the games and that makes me really sad

Suggestion PLZ READ 🌈❤️💛💚💙💜💗

For the next Toca life game, can you please make a Toca life mall? It would have lots of different shops,house, and food court (Maybe a cafe?) Different suggestion is a Toca life zoo? I was thinking having a play area, lots of zoo animals, and Even a feris wheel ( sorry if I spelled that wrong ) Thank you for taking your time and reading this From, your Toca fan💖

Dear toca boca

I think there should be breeding and there should be a baby alicorn and there should be a toca world were all the apps would be in one and there should be a toca zoo and a toca fairy tail were there are mermaids and they swim and Ariel and Eric and there should be fairy’s and a fairy kingdom and Eric’s kingdom please make these apps and please make a toca world it would have toca jobs and toca pets and toca stable and toca school and toca this also would be cool if there was a toca camping there would be tent camping and rv camping please do this

Love It😻

I really like how the trailer can transfer you to the other places instead of you having to go out of the place to go to other places.I love Toca Boca apps!!!!

Love this!💗

I own all of the toca life’s and they are amazing! I have a suggestion, toca life Hollywood! A mansion with plenty of bedrooms, a kitchen, personal maid, giant closet and bathroom. A mall with clothe store ,makeup store, shoe store and food court. A movie studio with different sets, with a giant wardrobe with costumes and able to pick a lot of hair styles like in toca city but even more! Movie premiere with red carpet. Hollywood sign but tocawood instead with a secret spy place. And famous people could be good and bad spy’s!

I Love your games! But,

I love your games so Much!! But I just wish there were more free apps! This game is one of my favorites, You should make more Toca Life games that are free, The "Toca Life: School" isn't all that great in my opinion, so make more Toca life games! Keep up the good work! I appreciate all your hard work!! Maybe you should make demo games? I've noticed you've only made 2 free toca life games, I really want to try toca life vacation and toca life hospital, instead of demos though you could make some of them (or one of them) free for a limited time! That would make me so happy! And I can imagine it would make other players happy aswell! :3

I love these games please make more

I was in love with these games ever since my cousin showed me what they were. I first got Toca hair salon 2 for my birthday and paid for the bundle with all of them for my birthday as well. I really love them and PLEASE MAKE MORE 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I love this game along with all your other ones maybe can you make an amusement park or maybe add all those games together and make a big game

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