Toca Life: Stable App Reviews

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I know im suppose to write about this app but literally right now i saw the trailor for....TOCA LIFE OFFICE!!! What a great idea!! The trailor was very long and looked very fun. At first i said to myself," Oh come on! Office?!" But i watched it and i LOVE IT. SO CREATIVE!!! I cant wait until its released. Im literally a Toca Boca Freak Fan. I have all toca lifes and toca boo and toca hair 3 and toca blocks. Some people say that their parents dont buy them non-free apps. I guess im a lucky one cause my mom buys me them just because SHE LOVES TOCA TOO. Anyway, im very excited and please make it fast😉. ~THE BIGGEST FAN EVER❤️❤️❤️😄😄


I totally love this game🐴🏇🥇I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING SO BIG THAT I CAN'T HOLD IT IN okay I'll get to what I'm about to tell you now if you want a toca life office then you'll like this. Today I was going to play toca hospital and I saw a sign of something on the corner of the screen and I was like "what is that"and I looked at it and IT WAS A TOCA LIFE ICON OH MY GOSH!IT WAS A TOCA LIFE GUY HOLDING A PHONE it was the most exciting thing I have ever seen. I opened it up and it went to the toca news thing on the original app and I watched the trailer it was amazing! Its toca life office. Other than that I love horses. Can you just add a 🏡

Amazing app! Maybe add a vet clinic

I love this app! The only thing I would add is a vet clinic. It would be so much fun! Other than that this app rocks! Please keep making more! :)

I ❤️Toca games

I love all the toca games but toca life is my favorite type so I think you should make a toca space 🚀 that would be so cool! Or you could make a toca WORLD after you think you are done with toca life games it would be all th toca life games together that would be so fun! Please take my idea thank you



Small Tweaks

I love this game sooo much but, there are a few improvements to be added. Please make a house here (should be like a ranch house 2 stories a private barn at house) Add more horse trails and more stalls and cross ties. And please add a girth mini game where you have to go a certain number of holes (you wouldn't have to mini game you could though) Love , a Toca fan for many years


It is awesome but u should add a house for the ppl and we should be able to go to the mountains so other than that it is awesome

Plsa do this

MAKE A TOCA SUBWAY so we can move people around the games plsa plsa plsa pls pls pls please please ohhh please pls pls pls

I love it but not the best to buy

I love robs boca I have all the games but it is a bit boring so I recommend to save your money and not to buy this app

Toca Fan Lover

Ok I love all your apps but I have one suggestion. TOCA LIFE: HARRY POTTER. Me and my little sister absolutely love Harry Potter. We have to use toca city life to make the characters but it's not that fun. So you can make 1, hog warts. 2, Harry, Hermionies, Rons and Luna's homes. 3, Hogs made. 4, Diagon Alley. 5, The triwizard tourtament


I love the app and I move things around I found a kitty cat and I took it to the house and accidentally threw it away. To sum up we should not be allowed to throw animals in the trash.😬😯


Toca Boca is the best gaming system company thing!! 10/10 of all Toca Boca things! As a personal Toca Boca fan I think that Toca Boca should make a Toca Zoo!!


Love! I have a suggestion, make a toca zoo!

Love but I have a idea🏟💰

I wish there was a toca ballgame and bank it would be awesome!🎊🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉

Love it!!

This I amazballs I <3 u should make toca life: Neighborhood!!!

I LOVE TOCA BOCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀😍🐴

I love this app!! It's so much fun and there so many horses and people to ride with! Even though I'm in middle school I still love this game and don't find it babyish at all. It's so much fun and I definitely suggest it to people who love horses or to anyone! Now this is a note to Toca Boca: If you decide to update this app will you please add a house for people living and maybe more stalls for the horses cause there's so many horses but only three stalls. And maybe also make another place to go such as the mountains because there's a mountain on the map but you can't go into it so if you could do that that would be great thanks so much!!!!!!!

My questions and thoughts

I loved this app but how do you get that winged unicorn the next review please say the answer please I love this app but why does it have to make you pay for their apps please make more😀🦄🦄😀I just thought that toca boca should make a rideable dragons in there next app and there is a present machine that turns the dragons to eggs and there be like two castles a Viking castle and a castle for the king and queen 👑 I would like the dragons to be lava,ice,dust,cupcake those please kinda look like the dragons that I said up there but the I just want the dragons to like the dragons from this app called dragon mania legends also I want there to be a jail cells underneath the Vikings castle

I ♥️Toca Boca life!!!!!!

I love Toca Boca Life it's so awesome I have everyone I really want a pet shop and amusement park that would be so much fun thank you!!!!

MORE STUFF AND HORSES! Please ( love the game )

I absolutely love this game but can you make custom horses and riders like toca city? My horse is the blue and white one also can you make more stable rooms?!?! The horses have to get smushed together in the stable and make horses with mermaid tails in secret water coves?? And please make a toca fantasy please

It should be bigger

There should be a actual house not the one that's in the barn

Best games ever

These are the best apps EVER!!!!!!! :) Can all of them have more babies and the haft to look really cute like the baby girl in toca vacation

Toca Boca: World!

I have been wanting there to be a Toca Boca world for as long as I can remember! Make a huge world with, babies kids schools shops a bunch of houses and clothes and amazing things that are in the real world! Thanks bye!!

Please read this!

I love all your games! I have a recommendation for a new one. A ROCK TOUR! There can be a tour bus, a stage with all kinds of instruments, fans, an apartment complex for the band and/or fans to stay in, ya know, stuff like that. Please make more life games!


For the next TOCA LIFE: STABLE update , can u guys add a CABIN HOUSE. I think it would be a great new location, thank u for making the AMAZING games.

Please make a Toca Camp

Please make a Toca Camp

UPDATE: sorry

UPDATE: Ignore that please.I'm so sorry. I actually have fun playing this. I'm a life long fan. This is great. Excited for Toca madlife. Thanks for always making me smile when I'm sad, love regardless, Izzy



It won't let me download it from the cloud! A WAIST OF MONEY

I bought it in a place without wifi but when I got home I kept trying to download it but it says that it could not be downloaded! WHAT A SPAM!!😤😡😖😭

I do not like what picky girl 22 said! it is the best

omg no it is not creepy it is a glitch and the boys ore not bad! EVERY THING IS THE BEST!

Awesome but please add

I love toca boca! it's so much fun!But can you add a mountain? I think it's going to be quiet a fun time to climb the mountain and get to the top! *and please more surprises such as the unicorn! I love when you do that! <3


On the map there is a mountain. I think the mountain should be a location for hiking, maybe


I like the horses the stables I like everything it's a nice game if you see. This and like horses I think you should get it it fun

Awesome game but something creepy...

This is weird... on my friends iPad her Toca life stable has a little brown cat behind a statue that's normal and it's brown for everyone. But for me the cat is WHITE. And the whole game long it's like "meow meow meow" BUT ITS NOT A NORMAL MEOW ITS LIKE A VOICE. I think it's either the Toca people spying on me or...TALKING ANGELA THE CREEPY WHITE CAT WHO KIDNAPPS CHILDREN WITH A HACKER IN HER EYES. Also other than that this game is pretty boring their isn't a house. Only ONE pretty girl. The rest are ugly and their are no boys that look normal all of them have like ears periced and like a half headed buzz cut. Ugly right. And theirs only ONE cool horse and it's the blue one. Yeah that's basically it. THIS GAME IS KINDA CREEPY

Great but I have a suggestion

I think it would be cool if you and your friends could play in the same world

Too all you will love it

I have all of the toca life and it's amazing I love all the stories you can make I have ideas 1 toca city: put in a building for a pet store 2 toca school: put in a bunk bed and a palace for the desk 3 toca vacation: put in a post office like city 4 toca farm: I want to be able to make the animals travel to place to place 5 toca stable: put in a house 6 toca hospital: put in 2 homes And can you make a Disney world one and a Disney channel stars


I like be all of you're toca games but you could make the best one yet you should make a dig site to fin Dino fossils and of course a museum to look in and I think you should also make a new toca pet a T REX!!!!!!!!


So I love all of the Toca lifes, but I have some Toca life ideas, Toca bakery, Toca Dentist, Toca office, Toca ski resort or Toca winter. I hope you take one of my ideas into consideration, I would look over and I think other people would too!❤️

Love this game

I love this game so much but I wish you would make a secrete app for the world of the secrete people in this game!!! I can't says the secrete cause my friend would kill me but you created it so you know what I mean!!! Thanks,😜


I love this app! I think you should add more stables for the horse to stay in. Also could you add a house and a backyard to ride horses? I LOVE TOCA LIFE PLZ MAKE MORE!!!😻


It's stupid to a life town is better and that's free!

Awesome job

Please make more toca lifes. I love every single one and I'm nine. So please make more, I support you guys. I believe that toca is awesome and I have every single toca life. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please make more

Best game but a few more things

Well I love it and he second I saw it I got it... 1) PLEASE ADD ZOO TOCA APP. And Aquarium Toca App. 2) PLEASE add Toca Job app were you can pick a job. 3) PLEASE add you can travel on a train to any toca app!!!! PLEASE ADD

Love iiiiiiiiittttttttttttt😀😀

The reason why I didn't put five stars in my rating was because I desperately NEED MORE HORSE STALLS!!!🐴‼️ Maybe add like three or possibly four or five more stalls for the horses, and could you maybe add more horses and people? Oh and the game is great overall...😝😝😀😀🐴💩💩🐴🐴😎😎😀😀😄😄😁😁😆😆😆


I love this game but i do wish there was an outdoor arena and a paddock outside to also there could be another barn with the same thing as the other one but a different set up with different horses and ponies also there could be more stalls in the barns please update it would be amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴😇😇😇😇

game is fun but there's something that does not make sense

I absolutely LOVE this game!but it's a little disappointing. First of all, why are the stables so small? There's barely any room for all of the horses! I had to move some of the horses out to the woods! Secondly, why is there a mountain if there's nothing up there? Are you going to put something up there? I've got 2 ideas for you. 1: HOT SPRINGS! I mean, who doesn't like wading in warm water? 2: a PICNIC SITE! Okay I just had another idea for something on the mountain. 3:FARMERS MARKET! Choose any of these. I don't care. PS: (picnic site is a little more reasonable)


I absolutely love this game but it would be nice to add a few things. Like halters and leadropes. It would make sense😊 I love it otherwise!

Love Toca Boca❤️♥️❤️♥️😍

I absolutely love Toca Boca life!!! They are really great games. Please please please make a Toca Boca life amusement park or Toca Boca life living with a ton of houses because I would love that!!! Also consider creating a Toca Boca mall or safari because that would totally wow me!! I love the detail that is put into this game. Please please please please please always keep making them!!!!!!!!!

I L❤️VE Toca Boca games!

I love all of the Toca Boca games! I love the freedom of the apps, where you don't have to follow any directions! I would love to see a Toca Boca camping, after the campsite in Toca Boca stables!

Not interactive

I believe (personal opinion) that this game should be more interactive, as in actually competing in horse races.

This is a great game!

This game is great but I think it could use more places.... And maybe a new Toca Boca? Like a day care to a Boca would be great! I would love to be able to play that!

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